Novelties and classics by Maharam Design Studio

Our Maharam offering has been extended with Merit and Chasm designed by Maharam Design Studio. Moreover the colour palettes of both Messenger and Sudden have been revised and updated.

Predominantly crafted from recycled material, Merit offers a rich texture and the pronounced colour depth traditionally associated with wool. It has a soft, dimensional surface which is due to the use of voluminous yarns held in place by fine mélange yarns un its construction. Weathered and solid fibre effects are produced using two different types of dye, which delivers eye-catching colour richness.

Chasm is a high-performance upholstery textile, which brings a new woven look to Maharam’s offering of non-woven fabrics. Printed onto a metallic base, Chasm’s stippled texture and spacious horizontal slub construction create the illusion of a natural, woven surface. Light embossing enhances the textile’s tactility, while it gains depth from layers of semi-transparent ink.

Messenger 4 is a colour update of Messenger 3, a sophisticated and easy-to-use upholstery textile. Designed to deliver excellent stretchability, it is suitable for all types of seating and upholstered walls. Featuring a texture reminiscent of wool, Messenger 4 is piece-dyed using a special cross-dyeing technique. This gives the fabric a two-tone look, which can make it appear to have been woven with different warp and weft threads.

Non-woven Sudden is a versatile upholstery textile with a brushed metal appearance created by a finely textured vertical emboss. Sudden’s sleek, lustrous surface has been part of Maharam’s offering since 2004 and is now available in an updated palette of subdued and expressive shades. 
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