Maintenance of rugs

Kvadrat rugs are made with care, to last. To make sure your rug maintains its vitality and character over a long lifetime, it helps to take good care of it.

Please vacuum your rug at least once a week. We recommend using a vacuum cleaner set to medium power without brushes. Always vacuum your rug in the direction of the pile.

A new rug sheds fibres, but do not worry, as this will not affect the quality of the rug in any way. However, while most rugs stop shedding after a while, rugs made with bamboo viscose will reduce the amount they shed but will not cease shedding completely. This is because of the specific properties of bamboo viscose fibres.

Hand woven rugs may vary slightly in their dimensions, colour shading and weaving structure. Moreover, it is not unusual for this type of rug to become slightly wavy. This may be due to minor differences in the warp tension, which cannot always be avoided, despite the exceptional skill and
carefulness of the weavers.

We recommend the use of a slip resistant rug underlay, which may compensate for the corrugation mentioned above.

Loose yarns will occur in hand woven rugs. Please take care not to pull the yarns out if this happens, instead simply cut the errant threads carefully with a pair of scissors and tuck the yarn back in.

Hand made rugs can slightly fade initially. This is due to the cross-dye, which is not completely absorbed by the wool. Therefore, slight discolouration should not be considered as a quality deficiency.

Ideally, the humidity in the room where the rug is located should be around 50%. If the humidity is less than 40%, the yarns will become dry and brittle and therefore more fragile; if humidity falls to this level or below, it is a good idea to spray the rug with water.

If the rug is placed on new wooden floors, it is important that the floors are completely dry. If not, it is highly likely the moisture will create mould on the floor underneath the rug or change the floor colouring. It is a good idea to check with the anufacturer and/or supplier of the floor that it is appropriate to place the rug on it. We recommend professional cleaning of the rug when necessary.

Stain removal
In case the rug becomes soiled, it is best to take immediate action to reduce any possible damage.

Wet a clean white towel with water, wring it out and place it on the stain immediately. Leave the towel there (without lifting it to check!) until it has absorbed as much as possible. Then replace it with another clean, damp towel, which should be left in place until the stain is gone or is no longer being absorbed.

Kvadrat cannot guarantee that this method will remove all stains, but we do know that rubbing to remove stains is not a good idea as it can damage the yarn, especially in the case of bamboo viscose rugs. Remember not to walk on a wet bamboo viscose rug for the same reason. It will take a few days for a bamboo rug to fully dry.

Care of silk rugs
Every stain, including plain water, should only be treated with soda water. Vinegar or tap water should never be used.

Pressure marks from heavy objects or furniture can be made to disappear. Brush or put a damp cotton cloth directly on the indentation, and iron gently in the direction of the pile.

Should you have any further questions about how to treat stains or soiling, or how to get the rug professionally cleaned, please contact our Customer Service Department.

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