Kvadrat Roller Blinds

The Kvadrat Roller Blinds system enables you to optimise your indoor climate and introduce beautiful textiles to interior spaces. It is designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Constructed out of top quality, durable aluminium, the made-to-order system combines aesthetic and functional excellence. It allows you to control light levels, glare and temperature, and thereby ensure a consistently comfortable environment.
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Flexible design, versatile installation

The roller blinds are available with textiles that come in a versatile selection of colours. Furthermore, as design requirements develop, the textile can easily be changed. Due to our patented fixing mechanism, Kvadrat Roller Blinds are easily fitted to walls and ceilings. Built to last, the system can be specified in chain-operated, switch-operated and remotecontrollable versions.
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The textiles available for the Kvadrat Roller Blinds offer different levels of control over light, thermal comfort and glare. Available in a versatile choice of colours, they can be specified to create contrasts with the frame, or alternatively, a discreet monochrome look.

The textiles offer a choice of weaves, flame-retardant materials and coatings. These characteristics ensure that each textile works with light in a unique way.  

Interior climate management

Most windows require some form of light management system. Throughout the day, light and temperature levels can often vary by a great deal. This can happen quickly and frequently. The Kvadrat Roller Blinds system enables you to manage fluctuating conditions and create a comfortable, aesthetic environment. It works by reflecting and absorbing light to provide control over shading, glare, thermal comfort not to mention individual needs.